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Interpreting a Continent: Voices from Colonial America

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This one is in Acceptable condition! The front cover has some bending/wrinkling, possibly due to water; Front and back cover have scratches/indentations; Corners of front and back cover have some dog ears some are starting to peel; Bookstore stickers on spine and back cover; Crease at the top corner of the back cover, also affecting pages near the back of the book; Some small marks on outside edge of pages; Some wrinkling in the bottom corner/edge of the pages in the first part of the book, with some faint water staining; There is highlighting on at least one page; Dog ears on some pages; A great readable copy! See pictures! SercelShop is a family business! Books and other products are hand-selected, packed, and shipped by a husband and wife team from Alabama. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. We appreciate your business! --The Sercels

ISBN: 9780742551831

Publisher's Description:
"Interpreting a Continent provides students with key documents from colonial American history, including new English translations of non-English documents. This collection takes the reader beyond the traditional story of the English colonies. Readers explore the Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, German, and even Icelandic colonial efforts throughout North America, including California, New Mexico, Texas, the Great Plains, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New England. Throughout, the collection provides not only the perspectives of Europeans but also of Native Americans and Africans. By looking beyond traditional sources, students see the power and diversity of Native Americans and learn that European domination of the continent was not inevitable. They see different forms of slavery and ways that slaves dealt with captivity. By considering multiple perspectives, students learn that colonial history was largely the attempts of various peoples to understand strangers and adapt them to their own will."