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JFK Jr.'s Last Flight. How it Went Tragically Wrong and Why

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This one is in Good condition! There are a couple of creases on the front cover; a small crease/dog ear on the bottom corner of the back cover; There is a spot from a sticker on the back cover; A small indentation on the bottom of the back cover; Some marks and nicks on the outside edge of pages; There is a bend or a crease on the first page of book that also affects other pages; pages 21/22 also has some creasing; some other dog ears; other minor cover/shelf wear; Text is clean! A great book, ready to read! See pictures! SercelShop is a family business! Books and other products are hand-selected, packed, and shipped by a husband and wife team from Alabama. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. We appreciate your business! --The Sercels

ISBN: 9798636180494

Publisher's Description: "John F. Kennedy Jr.'s last flight told in story form, creative nonfiction and includes the days leading up to that fateful night. We also follow the story though the eyes and actions of an NTSB go-team as they investigate how and why this plane crashed. Plus we see the effects JFK Jr.'s personal life had on events. This book allows us to easily understand why things went so terribly wrong and why the son of a president died."