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Mother’s Prayer to Jesus, Friend of Children: Pocket PrayerFulls™ | Durable Wallet Prayer Cards | Catholic Prayers

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These beautiful, glossy, full-color holy cards feature ancient artwork. They are the same size, thickness, weight, and rigidity as a credit card—perfect for carrying in a wallet, purse, or pocket.

No flimsy, laminated paper or card stock, but waterproof, high-quality prints on durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC, small-batch designed and printed right here in the USA.

- Substantial, 30 mil thickness
- Glossy, high-quality printing
- Beautiful, full-color, ancient artwork
- Durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC
- Small-batch designed and printed in the USA
- Pocket PrayerFulls™ by SercelPress™
- Bulk pricing available.

Mother’s Prayer to Jesus, Friend of Children

O Jesus, how great was once Thy love for children! Is it as great to-day? Yes. Thy love for Christian children is even greater. Thou lovest also my children, divine Saviour, more than I love them myself. Thou art their divine Friend. Oh, how consoling and encouraging for me! Be Thou praised and extolled for this. Grant me, O divine Saviour, the grace that I may in all things behave and act with regard to my children as will be pleasing to Thy divine heart. Grant me to educate them entirely for Thee, and to make every effort that they may increase in the knowledge of Thee, love Thee daily more and more, and live always according to the example of Thy holy life, so that they may be Thy true disciples, and obtain through Thee their salvation. O my Jesus, in virtue of the holy sacrament by which Thou hast introduced me into the state of matrimony and called me to be a mother, and through the graces of Thy holy sacrifice enable me to fulfil most faithfully and zealously all the duties of a Christian mother! Let my life be a model for my children; penetrate my heart with that love which Thy divine heart bears for my children; give me wisdom, give me fortitude, give me patience and mildness, give me fervor in prayer. May Thy divine blessing be bestowed upon all I do for my children! Amen.

— The Christian Mother, Cramer, 1880

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