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Mother’s Prayer to Obtain True Wisdom: Pocket PrayerFulls™ | Durable Wallet Prayer Cards | Catholic Prayers

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These beautiful, glossy, full-color holy cards feature ancient artwork. They are the same size, thickness, weight, and rigidity as a credit card—perfect for carrying in a wallet, purse, or pocket.

No flimsy, laminated paper or card stock, but waterproof, high-quality prints on durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC, small-batch designed and printed right here in the USA.

- Substantial, 30 mil thickness
- Glossy, high-quality printing
- Beautiful, full-color, ancient artwork
- Durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC
- Small-batch designed and printed in the USA
- Pocket PrayerFulls™ by SercelPress™
- Bulk pricing available.

Mother’s Prayer to Obtain True Wisdom

O my God! how great and how important is the vocation which Thou hast given me, and how difficult its duties! I am called to educate the children whom Thou hast confided to me, each of them according to its peculiar character; and to induce them to rid themselves of their faults, and to practise Christian virtues. O my God! I am ignorant and weak. How will I be able to see always the way that leads to success without Thy assistance? Send down, O Lord of light and knowledge, a ray of Thy divine wisdom from Thy heavenly throne into my heart as Thou didst once give to Solomon, in answer to his prayer, a wise and intelligent heart, so that he was enabled to govern his people. Enlighten me that I may understand how I must treat my children according to each one's character, so that they may be freed from their faults and remain preserved from what is injurious and dangerous to them. Show me the ways and means to educate them; guide me that I may keep equally far from undue severity and from untimely indulgence. Inspire me with the proper spirit to reprehend, to mistrust, and to admonish them. Grant me the blessing to fulfil my duties led, as it were, by Thy hand, which leads all Thy children with infinite wisdom in the way which is best for their salvation. O Holy Ghost! Thou who bestowest infinite graces, grant me the gift of wisdom and counsel for the benefit of my children. Amen. Our Father and Hail Mary.

— The Christian Mother, Cramer, 1880

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