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Mother's Prayer for Grace to Fulfill the Duties of their State of Life: Pocket PrayerFulls™ | Durable Wallet Prayer Cards | Catholic Prayers

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These beautiful, glossy, full-color holy cards feature ancient artwork. They are the same size, thickness, weight, and rigidity as a credit card—perfect for carrying in a wallet, purse, or pocket.

No flimsy, laminated paper or card stock, but waterproof, high-quality prints on durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC, small-batch designed and printed right here in the USA.

- Substantial, 30 mil thickness
- Glossy, high-quality printing
- Beautiful, full-color, ancient artwork
- Durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC
- Small-batch designed and printed in the USA
- Pocket PrayerFulls™ by SercelPress™
- Bulk pricing available.


Mother's Prayer to Obtain for the Children Grace to Fulfill the Duties of Their State of Life

All-merciful God! give to my children the grace to fulfil, conscientiously and faithfully, all those duties which they owe to their parents. It is Thy holy will that every one should serve Thee above all, and chiefly, by the faithful fulfilment of the duties of his state of life. Thou requirest, therefore, of my children nothing more rigorously than to behave to their parents with respect, love, and submission. It is only by doing this that they can please Thee. Inspire, O mildest of Fathers, my children with sentiments of respect and love; inspire them always to meet their parents respectfully, and submit themselves willingly and cheerfully to them in all things. Mortify their wilfulness and stubbornness; teach them to obey willingly and cheerfully all the orders of their parents. Thou hast added to the faithful fulfilment of the Fourth Commandment a great blessing for eternity. Let this blessing, O Lord, descend in abundance upon my children! Amen.

— The Christian Mother, Cramer, 1880

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