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Saint Agnes: Pocket PrayerFulls™ | Durable Wallet Holy Cards | Catholic Saints

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These beautiful, glossy, full-color holy cards feature ancient artwork. They are the same size, thickness, weight, and rigidity as a credit card—perfect for carrying in a wallet, purse, or pocket.

No flimsy, laminated paper or card stock, but waterproof, high-quality prints on durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC, small-batch designed and printed right here in the USA.

- Substantial, 30 mil thickness
- Glossy, high-quality printing
- Beautiful, full-color, ancient artwork
- Durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC
- Small-batch designed and printed in the USA
- Pocket PrayerFulls™ by SercelPress™
- Bulk pricing available.

ST. AGNES, virgin and martyr, was born in Rome 291 years after the birth of Christ. Her parents were rich Christians, and the name given her means “lamb.” A lovely name and one of great meaning, when we remember that it meant that Agnes would follow forever the spotless Lamb of God.

Her tender youth, the innocence which threw a halo about her, moved many people to tears. Even the executioner trembled.

Her body was destroyed, but her pure soul rose to the longed-for union with the heavenly Bridegroom.

— Lives Of The Saints For Children, Berthold, 1900

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