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Saints Who Saw Hell: And Other Catholic Witnesses to the Fate

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This one is in Very Good Condition! There are some smears, abrasions, and scratches on the dust jacket; There are some small stains on several pages near the beginning of the book; There is a small indentation near the middle of the first pages of the book; There is a small stain on the outside edge of pages; Other minor cover/shelf wear; Text is otherwise clean! A great book, ready to read! See pictures! SercelShop is a family business! Books and other products are hand-selected, packed, and shipped by a husband and wife team from Alabama. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. We appreciate your business! --The Sercels

ISBN: 9781505112801

Publisher's Description:

"Gnawing worms, unquenchable fire, utter darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth. With these fearful words, Jesus warned sternly that hell is real... and that we ourselves could end up there.

"Since ancient times, Catholic saints and other visionaries have reported viewing horrific scenes of eternal punishment. The Church teaches that when these visions aren't contrary to Divine Revelation, we're free to accept or reject them. Yet even claims to private revelation that give us pause may provide sobering insights into the eternal consequences of our choices.

"In Saints Who Saw Hell, you'll find...

-The scriptural witness to the reality of hell, including the warnings of Jesus, the prophets, and the Apostles;

-Scenes from the second-century Apocalypse of Peter, the oldest surviving Christian vision of hell, and the third-century Apocalypse of Peter;

-Ancient reports collected by Pope St. Gregory the Great;

-Medieval accounts from St. Bede, St. Hildegard of Bingen, St. Catherine of Siena, and Irish sources;

-Witnesses to hell from the time of the Catholic Reformation, such as St. Teresa of Avila, Blessed Maria de Agreda, and Blessed Richard of St. Anne;

-Visions from later centuries, such as those of St. Alphonsus Liguori, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, St. John Bosco, the children of Fatima, and St. Faustina Kowalkska;

... and other accounts from those who insist they have witnessed the fate of the damned.

"Though the sources and details of these disturbing visions may vary, they agree in affirming one eternal truth: Hell's inhabitants have chosen their destiny by the way they lived on earth. The scenes in these pages all testify:

"Hell is the final guarantee that what we do really matters."

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