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Season of Advent Explained: Pocket PrayerFulls™ | Durable Wallet Holy Cards | Catholic Seasons

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These beautiful, glossy, full-color holy cards feature ancient artwork. They are the same size, thickness, weight, and rigidity as a credit card—perfect for carrying in a wallet, purse, or pocket.

No flimsy, laminated paper or card stock, but waterproof, high-quality prints on durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC, small-batch designed and printed right here in the USA.

- Substantial, 30 mil thickness
- Glossy, high-quality printing
- Beautiful, full-color, ancient artwork
- Durable, polished, graphics-quality PVC
- Small-batch designed and printed in the USA
- Pocket PrayerFulls™ by SercelPress™
- Bulk pricing available.

Season of Advent

Q: Why is it called Advent?
A: From the Latin word, ‘‘Adventus,’’ which means coming.

Q: How does Christ come?
A: 1. His coming in the Incarnation.
2. His coming to each soul.
3. His coming at the Last Judgment.

Q: What connection is there between the first coming and the length of Advent?
A: The world waited four thousand years for the Incarnation, we wait four weeks spent in special preparation.

Q: What is the earliest proof of Advent?
A: In a passage of St. Gregory of Tours' History of the Franks we find that St. Perpetuus, one of his predecessors in the See, had decreed in A.D. 480 that the faithful should fast three times a week from the feast of St. Martin (November 11th) to Christmas.

— Catechism of the Liturgy for Young and Old, 1919

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