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The Catholic Mother's Prayer Book

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This edition of The Catholic Mother's Prayer Book is a collection of prayers selected from the much larger work, The Christian Mother, by Rev. W. Cramer, published in 1880 with two imprimaturs, notes of approval from ten bishops, and covering over 250 pages. These prayers were selected for their particular applicability for Catholic mothers in our day, and will assist the Catholic mother in her prayer life as she navigates the many facets of motherhood each day. Beautifully worded and faithful to the original English language text published in 1880, they reach from morning to evening, from a child's first day of school and first sacraments to the protection of children out in a world full of dangers, from intercession for her husband to petitions for the grace she needs for the challenges of her own life. We hope this collection will enrich and inspire the spiritual journey of every Catholic mother who picks up this book.

ISBN: 9798990738706

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