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The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis (2011) Paperback

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This one is in Very Good condition! There is a crush on the top of the front cover, causing creasing and a small tear; The top corner of the front cover is creased; There is a long vertical crease on the front cover; There are some smudges and scratches/indentations on the covers; There is an Amazon sticker on the back cover; Other minor cover/shelf wear; Text is clean! A great book, ready to read! See pictures! SercelShop is a family business! Books and other products are hand-selected, packed, and shipped by a husband and wife team from Alabama. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. We appreciate your business! --The Sercels

ISBN: 9781451664829

Publisher's Description:

"Out of the Silent Planet
The adventures of the remarkable Dr. Ransom begin in C.S. Lewis's acclaimed Out of the Silent Planet, first published in 1943. As the novel opens, Ransom is abducted by a megalomaniacal physicist and his accomplice and taken via spaceship to the red planet of Malacandra. The men plan to use Ransom as a human sacrifice, but he escapes and must fight for his life, and the chance to return to Earth, while exploring a world that is enchanting in its difference from Earth and startling in its simplicity.

Perelandra continues the adventures of Dr. Ransom in an extraordinary tale. Ransom is fighting against the most destructive of human weaknesses, temptation, when he must battle evil on a new planet-- Perelndra--after it is invaded by a dark force that strives to create a new world order on the peace-loving planet.

That Hideous Strength
In the concluding book of the trilogy, That Hideous Strength, the dark forces that were repulsed in Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra are poised to invade Earth, while a rumor circulates that the ancient wizard Merlin is returning and offering tremendous power to those who can find and control him. The heroic Dr. Ransom is trying to handle these threats, while battling a sinister technocratic organization, by applying age-old wisdom to a new universe dominated by science. These groups struggle to a climactic resolution that brings The Space Trilogy to a magnificent, crashing close."